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    Sexual Assault Lawyer

    At Ryan Montgomery Law, we understand that cases involving sexual abuse are extremely sensitive in nature. Our compassionate attorneys believe that sexual assault is one of the most horrible crimes imaginable. This is why the lawyers at Ryan Montgomery Law want to hold abusers and those who allow their schools, churches, and other commercial property to remain unsafe accountable.

    If you have been victimized, we know it is difficult to share your story which is why you should only consult with a sexual assault lawyer that South Carolina residents can fully trust. Our record demonstrates that we stand up for the rights of sexual assault survivors and do not rest until victims receive justice.

    We are a law firm dedicated to providing legal guidance and service to victims of sexual assault by clergy members, teachers, professionals, and other sexual predators. If you or your loved one have been a victim of this life changing crime, please know that you can trust the attorneys at Ryan Montgomery to hear your story and fight for you or your loved one.

    Sexual Assault Case Types We Litigate

    The most common cases we handle involve sexual assault by clergy members, teachers, employers, co-workers, and negligent security. Learn more about how we can assist you or your loved one during this difficult time.

    Sexual abuse by clergy

    Our attorneys are experienced at handling sexual abuse cases against various religious institutions. Our law firm is committed to serving survivors of sexual abuse caused by religious authorities. We know sexual abuse can have long-lasting physical, emotional and mental effects on those who are victims, as well as on their families and loved ones. Let Ryan Montgomery’s church sexual abuse lawyers fight for justice for you or your child.

    Sexual abuse by teachers

    When a teacher abuses his or her authority by molesting a student or engaging in other inappropriate sexual conduct, it can cause psychological and emotional problems that may last a lifetime. Our attorneys file lawsuits against individual teachers as well as school districts seeking compensation for the damage done by the abuser. Ryan Montgomery and his team of school abuse attorneys will consult with you to build strong cases against school districts, administrators and individual child abusers.

    Sexual abuse caused by negligent security

    You may have a claim against a third party that may have some legal responsibility for the assault. Examples include a hotel, hospital, school, or business that did not have adequate security to prevent the assailant from attacking you. In addition, if an employer failed to adequately screen or supervise employees, you may hold the company liable for negligent hiring or negligent supervision

    Justice for Sexual Assault Survivors

    As our client, you will be treated with compassion and respect throughout your entire case. The lawyers at Ryan Montgomery Law are committed to helping victims of sexual assault because we understand how important it is for victims to receive justice.

    We want to help you move forward with your life by providing successful sexual assault litigation services. If you or a loved one is a victim of sexual abuse, you should immediately speak with a qualified South Carolina sexual abuse attorney. Our Columbia and Greenville sexual abuse attorneys provide assistance to the victims of sexual abuse throughout upstate South Carolina.

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      Civil vs. Criminal Sexual Assault Proceedings

      During a criminal case after a sexual assault, a prosecutor must prove that the accused person committed the sexual assault beyond a reasonable doubt. If a prosecutor succeeds or if the defendant pleads guilty, potential penalties can include imprisonment, probation, fines, and registering as a sex offender. While criminal cases are focused on punishing the offender and protecting others, a criminal conviction does little to provide any compensation for the harm you suffered.

      We know that nothing can erase a traumatic event like a sexual assault, but financial compensation can help survivors cover their expenses and find a sense of justice. Such compensation is available through the civil court system. Unfortunately, in addition to participating in the criminal case, survivors must also file a case in civil court to seek compensation for their many losses.

      Injuries and Losses Caused by Sexual Assault

      In some situations, survivors of sexual assault are left with physical injuries and emotional trauma. Injuries that can result from such sexual assault include:

      • Abrasions or lacerations
      • Sexually-transmitted diseases
      • Unwanted pregnancies
      • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
      • Depression
      • Anxiety

      Sexual assault injuries can result in numerous losses for a victim. You can seek compensation in a civil injury claim for:

      • Medical bills for emergency treatment
      • Ongoing medical treatment
      • Costs for terminating a pregnancy
      • Costs of pregnancy, childbirth, and adoption
      • Physical pain and suffering
      • Emotional distress
      • Expenses for psychological or psychiatric treatment

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