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    Verdicts And Settlements

    Legal Disclaimer: These figures are not meant to create any expectation whatsoever.  Any result herein for one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate similar results can be obtained for other clients. All cases and facts are different. All figures and information are disclosed only with the express consent of the client.


    $1.6 Million

    Man riding a moped hit from behind by a drunk driver who was overserved at a local bar.

    $1.15 million

    Tender of policy limits less the property damage paid and an extra $100,000 in underinsured motorist coverage to a client involved in a trucking accident when his 18-wheeler was in an accident with another 18-wheeler causing a neck injury, spinal cord injury, arm injury, shoulder injury, depression and lost wages as a result of this South Carolina truck accident.


    Run over by transport van. Breaking one leg and ankle. ICU for one week, 4 surgeries.


    Dram Shop case- Recovered for a client who was a passenger in a car driven by a drunk driver.  The driver, who was underage, had been overserved a local bar.  Claims were submitted against the at fault driver as well as the bar that overserved the driver and caused him to drive drunk. The initial settlement offered by liable parties insurance company was $250,000.


    T-bone car accident.


    Pedestrian hit by a truck driver. Client was on the job at a major automobile manufacturing plant in the upstate of South Carolina. He was walking from one part of the plant to another when a third party driver struck the pedestrian client knocking him to the ground causing a serious leg and ankle injury.


    Electrical injury at work which resulted in client’s death.


    Workers’ Compensation death benefits plus an additional $100,000 for uninsured motorist benefits for a death claim occurring on the job.


    Workers Compensation death case for a truck driver killed on the job. The employer denied the claim arguing the driver was an independent contractor but we were able to show he was an employee under the law and get him death benefits including reimbursement of funeral expenses.


    Settlement wherein the maximum available insurance policy limits were paid to our client in car accident case with a back injury.


    Tender of Maximum available insurance limits on a motorcycle wreck case where our client was injured as a result of a driver that failed to yield the right of way thereby causing the motorcycle accident. In addition, we were able to stack multiple uninsured motorist policies for an additional $50,000 in benefits.


    Workers compensation claim for an injured worker who worked for major utility power company. He sustained a knee injury and subsequently developed lower back problems. Settled for the maximum under the law plus additional money for future medical.


    $254,000 in back weekly compensation and wage loss workers’ compensation claim for a client with three injured body parts who was terminated while on light duty.


    For an injured worker, nurse, who repeatedly bent over and retrieved medication out of a cart that developed a herniated disc and was permanently and totally disabled.


    Maximum available insurance limits on a wrongful death claim involving a motorcycle accident.


    Motorcycle accident case where a motorcycle was struck by a car as well as successful award of Social Security Disability benefits to client.


    Workers’ compensation shoulder and clavicle injury. Our client, a carpenter, fell from a ladder and injured his left shoulder and clavicle.


    Workers’ compensation back injury and foot injury case. Prior to hiring Ryan Montgomery, client was offered $14,000 to settle. We were able to secure client 10 times the original offer for $140,000.


    Motorcycle accident case where we were able to stack 5 different insurance polices to obtain just compensation for our motorcycle rider client.


    Maximum available insurance for a motorcycle accident where our client, a motorcycle rider, had a car pull out in front of him and he was hospitalized.


    Workers’ Compensation Case where Construction worker injured his back while on the job.


    Uninsured benefits that were totally denied by the insurance carrier when the client was not represented. Once hired, we were able to get the insurance carrier to tender the maximum available under the insurance policy.


    On a denied motorcycle accident case where the other driver alleged that our client, the motorcycle rider was at fault for an accident.  Our client died as a result of the accident.


    The remainder of permanent and total disability in a workers’ compensation neck injury case with lifetime medical for neck injury.


    Workers compensation’ claim where our client sustained a leg injury in a trucking accident. This settlement is for the workers’ comp claim while the third-party claim is still pending.


    Workers Compensation case where construction workers suffered a back injury on the job which required a back surgery. Surgery as initially denied but we were able to successfully get the surgery and the client a settlement.


    On-the-job lifting back injury to our client who worked as a landscaper. Employee received medical treatment and compensation.


    Client with a work-related back injury came to us with an offer of $38,000 to close his claim completely. We were able to settle for $60,000, leaving open his medicals for lifetime related to his on-the-job workers compensation back injury.


    Motor vehicle accident with severe soft tissue injury.


    Workers Compensation claim where client suffered from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a truck driver. He was riding in a truck when a pedestrian committed suicide by walking in front of the truck.


    Plus 1 almost one year of wage benefits and medical treatment on a workmans comp claim where a part time bouncer was attacked by a patron and sustained an on the job shoulder injury.


    Employee with a special needs facility that injured her knee in a workers’ compensation claim.


    For a client who was involved in a worker’s compensation accident and sustained a traumatic injury to her thyroid thereby requiring 60 percent of her thyroid be removed.


    Workers’ compensation back injury case where client had surgery but recovered well and went back to work.


    Workers’ compensation back injury for client who was non-surgical but injured her back while working on the job.


    Injured workers with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome and aggravated asthma due to chemicals in the air at work.


    Slip and fall in a local grocery store on a wet floor.


    Workers’ compensation plantar fasciitis foot injury from repeated and excessive walking on a commercial car lot.


    Workers’ compensation foot injury related to excessive standing in a local kitchen without proper safety mats in place.


    Workers’ compensation carpal tunnel cases for our client who worked in a local processing plant.

    Confidential Settlement

    Hearing loss case where an engineer in a large manufacturing plant sustained a hearing loss as a result of her job.

    Maximum Insurance Limits

    Truck driver involved in a trucking accident with a rental moving truck company. We were able to secure the maximum policy limits for our client in this trucking accident case where he had an arm injury, back injury and head injury.

    Confidential Settlement

    Motorcycle accident where the at-fault driver pulled out in front of the client, leaving him on a ventilator for over a week and in intensive care. Client received the maximum recovery from the at-fault driver insurance policy and from his personal underinsured motorist policy.

    Medical Treatment

    Obtained medical treatment for our client who was denied by the insurance carrier. Our client gets treatment for his workers’ compensation back injury, spinal cord injury, shoulder injury and depression. Case pending as to all other.

    Medical Treatment

    Obtained denied medical treatment to include a back surgery for a work-related herniated disc in the client’s back. Claim pending as to all other.

    Medical Treatment

    Obtained medical treatment for employee’s work related plantar fasciitis. Pending as to all other issues.

    Confidential Settlement

    Workers’ compensation toxic fumes inhalation case.

    Confidential Settlement

    Workers’ compensation knee injury when client slipped and injured knee on the job.

    Confidential Settlement

    Workers’ compensation injury related to on-the-job back injury while lifting on the job.

    Confidential Settlement

    Workers’ compensation repetitive injury to the client’s back where worker was repeatedly lifting and bending on a manufacturing line.

    Confidential Settlement

    Workers’ compensation repetitive trauma carpal tunnel case while client was working on a food processing line.



    *Disclaimer- These verdicts and or settlements are sampling of some of our recent cases. The attorneys at Ryan Montgomery Attorney at Law, LLC cannot guarantee recoveries and each case is different and fact specific. Please contact us directly for additional information related to the specific facts of your case.